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People need budgeting advice for many different reasons. Some people get into financial difficulty due to loss of a job, relationship break-ups and sickness. A common result is unmanageable debt. 
These people may need help to identify what they are spending money on, to develop a budget, to structure their debts, or to get their correct benefit entitlements.

Financial stress puts inevitable strain on relationships. The loss of a job, reduced overtime, sickness or the break-up of a relationship can compound these pressures. Often lack of training in money management and little knowledge of how to manage home finances lead to poverty.

Agape Budgeting Training Courses - Gambling HelpWhat does a budget adviser do?


A budget adviser :

  • receives clients allocated by the Agape Budget Coordinator.
  • visits the client in the client's home or at a convenient location.
  • helps each client to identify their spending habits and expenses, and prepares a household budget.
  • meets regularly with each client and is able to help them with specific financial issues
  • like dealing with a creditor

talking to the bank

talking to WINZ about benefits

consolidating debts

stopping the use of credit

planning for savings


When the client's financial situation is under control or no more assistance is required. the budget adviser will begin work with another client.

What skills do I need?

The Training Course

 Keep Fit

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